Welcome To The Blog Of Antolino Brongo!

I want to welcome you to my personal blog. My name is Antolino Brongo and over the past few years I have been building an online business like so many others have and decided to start this blog to share my experience and to start a new chapter in my life which will be interviewing other successful internet entrepreneurs.

So what led me to starting this blog?

Whilst I have had success with e-commerce over the past few years (it’s made me my living) I realised that there could potentially be a better way of making money. Consulting was an option but really you need expertise and I didn’t really want to go down the whole e-com consulting.

That’s what led me to discovering affiliate marketing. After coming across a YouTube advert I then did some research on Google and found a review of Keala Kanae who is an affiliate marketing expert and founder of FullstaqMarketer. To be honest there are so many fake review blogs out there it was nice to come across NoBsImReviews who shared the genuine review and real experience of being part of the AWOL community.

In turn I signed up, ended up becoming an Elite member and I’m progressing through the training. I was inspired to start this blog to share everything about my journey to making money. I’m currently building out a few funnels and using tools like LeadPages.com and ClickMagic which is a tracking tool.

This blog is mainly a reason to simply share results and what I learn from the community. I’ll mostly be focusing on paid traffic sources like solo advertising, Facebook ads and possibly YouTube advertising. I may even get into YouTube at first with a free channel where I will share videos on the subject of making money, learning, growing and in general just being a better person.

For me this journey isn’t just about money. It’s about creating a better life for myself that doesn’t just revolve around work but revolves around my passions and what I like. As Keala said which attracted me to the training it’s “another way of life” and it’s about living a life you want to live, not just getting by doing what is necessary to make money.

Topics for this blog

I will be covering the following things:

  • What I learn
  • Progress reports
  • SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • YouTube
  • Paid Traffic
  • Facebook Ads / Social Media

You can find new posts on this blog hopefully on a regular basis. I’ll be trying to blog about my progress during my time off from e-commerce. That is still my full time job unfortunately but who knows for how long, I will certainly look to build a life of luxury and freedom using affiliate marketing tactics instead.

To your success,